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P3, Privatization and Infrastructure


Kutak Rock is a national leader in the areas of P3, Privatization and Infrastructure.

Public-Private Partnerships

Our firm conducts a practice specialty in the representation of federal, state and local government entities, private developers and sponsors, underwriters, lenders, financial advisors and insurers, among others, in P3 projects.  We have been involved in some the largest P3 projects around the country, and for more than two decades, we have assisted our clients in several hundred P3 transactions around the country. 


For more than 20 years, Kutak Rock has cultivated a specialized practice in military housing privatization projects (including family housing, bachelor housing and lodging), all of which were financed with privately-placed securities offerings or negotiated bank loans. Our team understands all aspects of military housing development, finance and servicing, and we understand the transactions from every perspective. We have participated in more than 100 military housing privatization offerings having an aggregate principal amount exceeding $17 billion. Kutak Rock continues to work for clients on new military housing project financings and on modifications to existing transactions, energy production and savings projects relative to privatized housing, refinancings, restructurings and other similar activities.


We work with states, municipalities, counties, townships, school districts, special districts and governmental enterprises and authorities to plan and publicly finance the facilities, buildings and infrastructure necessary to deliver quality governmental services to, and improve and maintain the quality of life for, the residents of these governmental service providers. Our national public finance attorneys assist governmental entities of all types in structuring marketable financings to comply with constitutional, statutory and home rule charter requirements, including calling an election, if necessary, with federal, state and local income tax laws and regulations necessary for tax exemption, and with federal and state securities laws. Our firm regularly participates as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter’s counsel and lender’s counsel in all types of financings for governmental capital projects and equipment acquisitions, as well as financings for public infrastructure for commercial and residential development.

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