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About Us

"In our firm, attorneys don’t speak of ‘my client,’ it is ‘the firm’s client.’ We strive to be a team, professionally and personally.
– Robert J. Kutak

Founded on a handshake among friends and a commitment to exceptional client service, Kutak Rock has grown into a national law firm of more than 550 lawyers with offices coast to coast. We represent business and governmental clients with collaborative teams and legal services that bring fresh perspective and redefine value.

Firm History

Kutak Rock offers legal services that are aligned with the marketplace and showcase our attorneys' background, skill and experience. Founded in finance, the firm has evolved to become one the nation’s leading business law firms, with service offerings that span business and corporate law, public finance, litigation and real estate law. We work together in integrated groups to enhance client service and cross-office practice development, foster innovation and unlock value for clients.

Our People

We are committed to the long-term stewardship of the firm and full engagement of attorneys and staff in the success of our clients, each other, and Kutak Rock. This commitment is exemplified in every client interaction and fosters sustainability of the firm and our client service model. We are prepared to assist with virtually any legal matter or project, regardless of scope or scale. We represent clients in transactions of all types in venues across the country, and our litigators are comfortable in any courtroom, including state and federal courts and specialized administrative tribunals. Our collective experience and focus on innovation and creativity inspires client confidence.

Our People
Pro Bono

Since our founding, we have committed to making a difference in the communities in which we live and work. We recognize that the legal community has a responsibility to ensure all people have access to a fair and just legal system. That’s why we provide valuable hours of pro bono services to charitable organizations and individuals unable to otherwise afford counsel. We believe each of us must have an individual passion for the “work” we choose. This passion is no better demonstrated than in our pro bono activities, which we invite you to read about further.

Pro Bono Work
Staying Informed

As trusted advisers, we understand the need for clients to stay current with legal developments. We canvass the business and legal landscape for developments that touch or impact clients, develop practical content and deliver it timely to clients via direct communication, client alerts, newsletters, and social media posts.

Firm Leadership
Founded on the premise that Kutak Rock would be a national firm with offices of equal importance, our leadership structure reflects that ideal. Get to know our firm's national, regional, and office leaders.
Community Involvement
Since the founding of the firm, Kutak Rock attorneys have had a deep commitment to giving back to our communities through our volunteer and pro bono engagement programs.
Inclusiveness + Diversity + Engagement
We are committed to inclusiveness and diversity in the legal industry, our communities and our workplaces. We believe that a diverse team of attorneys and staff broadens our perspective and enhances our ability to provide effective, efficient client service. We treat all people with respect, value open communication, and create equal opportunity environments.
Firm History
Kutak Rock was established in 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska, by agreement among its legendary founder, Robert J. Kutak and his first two partners, Harold L. Rock and William G. Campbell.