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Moving the Needle, Together

From all over the United States, Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee members take inclusiveness and diversity seriously, with a focus on systems and structures and developing and following a firmwide inclusiveness and diversity strategic plan. However, the 11 Committee members themselves will tell you that at Kutak Rock, it’s about encouraging every individual to participate vis a vie whatever role they have in the firm and in their community.

The result is the Firm’s Inclusiveness and Diversity Forum: an effort involving hundreds of people across Kutak Rock in a host of activities. Everyone at the firm is welcome to participate in and help shape training and education programs, affinity group activities, and pipeline programs for young people.

Ed Gonzales

Ed Gonzales, Co-Chair

"Kutak Rock's diversity and inclusiveness efforts have not only led to real change across the firm, but they have also strengthened the core of the firm and the communities we are involved in." Read More

Drew Marlar

Drew Marlar, Co-Chair

"I've seen the results of the firm's ongoing efforts: better client services, innovative thinking and a welcoming atmosphere that fosters collaboration. Our past success paints a bright future for the firm as we move further into the 21st century fully committed to equality." Read More

Edward Gonzales, Co-Chair
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