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Kutak Rock’s 2022 Inclusive Engagement Annual Report Reflects Strategic Plan Progress

News - Inclusiveness and Diversity | January 19, 2023

Kutak Rock is pleased to present its 2022 Inclusive Engagement Annual Report, highlighting the firm’s commitment to diversity and the strategic dismantling of unjust barriers to racial equity and inclusion in the legal profession. From its founding in 1965 to today, Kutak Rock has striven to promote equity and effect meaningful systemic change for and among its attorneys and staff and the communities in which its members live and serve.

“Kutak Rock’s National Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee assists the firm to meet its long-term diversity and inclusion goals through the creation of successive three-year Inclusive Engagement Plans with tactics and measurable goals. The 2022 report highlights changes to systems and structures resulting from implementation of the current Plan,” said Kutak Rock Chair John Petr.

“The next Plan takes effect in July 2023. Like its predecessors, it considers our strengths and areas of opportunity and purposefully maximizes the former while putting the latter under a microscope,” added Hilary Jackler, Vice Chair of Kutak Rock. 

National Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee (NIDC) Co-Chairs Winnie Hawkins and Stuart Hindmarsh concur. “As our tenure as co-chairs draws to a close, we’re pleased at the progress the firm made over the last three years, particularly in the areas of adaptability, career support, well-being, and our recruiting and hiring processes. Our clients expect continuous improvement in these areas, and so do we. Members of the NIDC spent considerable time and energy identifying an array of specific tactics to address head-on the firm’s challenges and their causes, rather than simply treating symptoms. We’re excited to share the results in this report.” 

Whether this is your first time reading a Kutak Rock Annual Report or you’ve browsed in the past, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest. Feedback is welcomed and the firm encourages you to reach out to discuss ways we can collaborate to increase equity across the firm, in our profession and in our communities.

2022 Inclusive Engagement Annual Report