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Kutak Rock Serves as Bond Counsel to Colorado School of Mines

News | December 21, 2022


Kutak Rock served as bond counsel to the Colorado School of Mines in connection with its issuance of $116,420,000 Institutional Enterprise Revenue Bonds for the purposes of (a) financing the construction, renovation and equipping of (i) the Labriola Innovation Complex; (ii) the Early Childhood Education Center Project; (iii) the Beck Venture Center Project; (iv) a Parking Facility Project, including classrooms to be located therein; and (v) any related campus improvements, including but not limited to, parking, utilities and infrastructure related thereto; (b) refunding the Board of Trustees of the Colorado School of Mines Institutional Enterprise Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2018A; (c) funding capitalized interest, if any; and (d) paying costs of issuance of the Series 2022 Bonds.

The Series 2022A Bonds have been designated as “Green Bonds.” Kestrel Verifiers, a division of Kestrel 360, Inc., has provided an independent external review and opinion that the Series 2022A Bonds conform with the four core components of the International Capital Market Association’s Green Bond Principles, and therefore qualify for Green Bonds designation. The Labriola Innovation Complex, Beck Venture Center Project, Early Childhood Education Center, and the Parking Garage Wrap—Classroom Space being financed with Series 2022A Bond proceeds are designed to be certified as a LEED Gold facilities.

Fred Marienthal, Jennifer Barrett and Shawn Willette worked on this transaction.