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Kutak Rock Earns Mansfield Rule Certification PLUS for Diverse Hiring and Promotion

News - Inclusiveness and Diversity | September 17, 2020

Kutak Rock has been certified and certified PLUS by Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule. The firm achieved 100% of the certification requirements of affirmatively considering 30% diverse candidates (defined by the Mansfield Rule as women and attorneys identifying as races and/or ethnicities other than white/Caucasian, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ) for partner promotion and certain types of attorney hires, pitches, and leadership and governance roles. The firm also received the designation of “Certified Plus” by hiring and promoting over 30% diverse attorneys into the various roles.

In fact, Kutak Rock has consistently achieved these levels and significantly surpassed them: 46% of the firm’s attorneys and 44% of the firm’s equity partners are women or members of other diverse groups, and the firm enjoys a significantly lower-than-average attrition rate for women and minority attorneys.

“Measurement of diversity in recruiting, hiring, promotion, and leadership isn’t new to Kutak Rock. Our executive committee has reviewed these types of data points quarterly for years, leading to diversity in our pitches, equity partnership and leadership groups,” said Jill Goldstein, chair of the firm’s Women’s Initiative. “Our focus is on equity and, as a result, we have long sought and addressed systemic barriers to equity for marginalized groups.”

Kutak Rock currently has LGBTQ+ partners and equity partners at just shy of two times the national average and the highest percentage of LGBTQ equity partners in any law firm with 500+ attorneys; partners and equity partners with disabilities at five times the national average; women equity partners at seven percentage points above the national average; and women partners at nine percentage points above the national average. Kutak Rock has been named a “Best Law Firm for Minority Attorneys,” “Best Law Firm for LGBTQ Equality,” and a “Ceiling Smasher” for women partners. The firm is also Gold Certified by the Women in Law Empowerment Forum.

For a more complete picture of Kutak Rock’s commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, please explore our website where you’ll find attorney and staff members’ stories about their experiences at Kutak Rock, as well as our most recent annual report.