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Awards and Progress

Making Progress

Every year, Kutak Rock focuses on training, community, and leadership to help promote a nurturing culture of inclusion at the firm. We proudly display our achievements and badges as a reflection of support for our diverse employees and clients. We continue to move forward to effect meaningful and longstanding positive changes throughout the firm and our related communities.

Office abstract and Best Places to Work 2021 Logo

Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality

Kutak Rock is awarded Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality
WILEF Badge with abstract buildings in background

Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF)

Kutak Rock is recertified in 2020 as a Gold Standard firm
Ceiling Smashers Icon

Ceiling Smashers

 Law360 Best Law Firms for Female Partners

DFA Award

Kutak Rock was recognized by The Diversity and Flexibility Alliance with a “Tipping the Scales” Award 

Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

The Human Rights Campaign again awarded Kutak Rock a perfect score on its 2021 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the national benchmark on corporate policies and practices impacting LGBTQ employees. Earning a score of 100 distinguishes Kutak Rock as one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.” In 2016, the Kansas City office hosted the regional Corporate Equality Celebration at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum with HRC representatives in attendance.

Law360 Ceiling Smasher

Law360 named Kutak Rock one of the best law firms for women partners in its 2020 Glass Ceiling Report. Viewed as a national benchmark for gender parity, the report named Kutak Rock a “Ceiling Smasher” for placing fourth among firms with 251-600 attorneys nationally. Women comprise 31% of Kutak Rock’s equity partners and 32% of its partnership compared to national averages of 20.4% and 24.4%. In addition, the firm is well above benchmarks and national averages in all areas related to women in leadership, including percentage of women serving on governance committees and as heads of offices.

Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule 3.0

Kutak Rock has been certified and certified PLUS by Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule. The firm achieved 100% of the certification requirements of affirmatively considering 30% diverse candidates (defined by the Mansfield Rule as women and attorneys identifying as races and/or ethnicities other than white/Caucasian, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ) for partner promotion and certain types of attorney hires, pitches, and leadership and governance roles. The firm also received the designation of “Certified Plus” by hiring and promoting over 30% diverse attorneys into the various roles.

DFA Award

Kutak Rock was recognized by The Diversity and Flexibility Alliance with a “Tipping the Scales” Award for having 50% or more women in its 2020 new partner class. In fact, 55% of the 30 new partners were women, as announced in January. Kutak Rock was among 46 law firms to receive the award at the Nov. 6 2020 Diversity and Flexibility Alliance’s Annual Meeting, where firm Chair Jay Selanders was a speaker.

“With a national average of only 40.9% new partners in 2020 being women, there’s clearly more work to be done to achieve parity in the legal industry,” said Mr. Selanders. “We’re proud of our firm’s legacy of hiring, promoting, and supporting women attorneys, and we congratulate the other ‘scale tippers’ for their efforts toward this worthy goal.”

WILEF Certification

The Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) recertified Kutak Rock in 2020 as a Gold Standard firm for ongoing high percentages of women who are equity partners, hold high-level leadership positions, serve on governance and compensation committees, and identify as LGBTQ.

As of mid-2019, 29.1 percent of the firm’s partners are women, and 28 percent are equity partners. Three out of eight of the firm’s regional offices are managed by female partners, and five out of 14 positions on the Executive Committee are held by women. 

One of the things I liked the most about Kutak Rock when I joined the firm seven years ago was its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, including supporting and promoting women. Our consistently high percentage of women partners is just one of many indicators that we’re succeeding in recruiting, mentoring, supporting, and promoting women in law.
Debra Thompson, Managing partner of the Atlanta office and member of the firm’s Executive Committee
20 Percent pie chart

Over 20% of equity partners are women
15 percent pie chart

Over 15% of firm and U.S. branch office heads are women
20 Percent pie chart

Over 20% of the firm’s primary governance committee are women
15 percent pie chart

Over 15% of the firm’s compensation committee are women
15 percent pie chart

Over 15% of the firm’s equity partners in terms of compensation are women
7 percent pie chart

Over 7% of the firm’s women equity partners are women of color
3.5 percent pie chart with rainbow stats

Over 3.5% of women equity partners are LGBT