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Kutak Rock Participates in QECB Solar Financing

News | February 3, 2014

Kutak Rock LLP served as bond counsel to the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority in connection with the issuance of $4,900,000 of Taxable Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (Colorado Solar 2013 Photovoltaic Solar Project) Series 2013.

The proceeds of the Qualified Energy Conversation Bonds (QECBs) financed the costs of the development, acquisition and installation of 4,250 (kW) of photovoltaic ground-based solar systems located at Denver International Airport, the City of Greeley, Colorado and various sites owned by the Colorado Department of Corrections.

QECBs may be issued by state, local and tribal governments to finance qualified energy conservation projects. Examples of qualified energy conservation projects that may be financed with QECBs include energy efficiency capital expenditures in public buildings, green communities, renewable energy production, various research and development, efficiency/energy reduction measures for mass transit and energy efficiency education campaigns.

Kutak Rock has participated in 13 QECB financings aggregating in excess of $47.9 million. For more information about QECB financing, contact Fred Marienthal or Larry Carlile.