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Jay Selanders - Leadership Council on Legal Diversity - Pledge


I, Jay Selanders, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment
  • Continue to highlight the importance of inclusiveness and diversity in the Firm’s strategic plan.
  • Play an active role in developing the Firm’s Inclusiveness and Diversity Strategic Plan and support the tactics and changes necessary to accomplish the goals set forth in the plan.
  • Discuss, at least quarterly, specific actions expected of Firm leadership to advance the Firm’s inclusiveness and diversity goals; keep diversity top-of-mind in Firm processes, including recruiting, interviewing, succession planning, evaluations, and assigning work (among others).
  • Actively participate in anti-bias/anti-racism, inclusiveness, diversity, equity, equal opportunity, and engagement training opportunities.
  • Actively and intentionally implement best practices in managing meetings to provide opportunities for voice and authenticity on the part of everyone in the room.
  • Participate in national forums and educational programs on anti-bias/anti-racism, inclusiveness, diversity, equity, equal opportunity, and engagement (programs like LCLD).
  • Engage personally in addressing identified issues with anti-bias/anti-racism, inclusiveness, diversity, equity, equal opportunity, and engagement across the Firm and vocally champion initiatives nationally.
  • Affirmatively consider diversity and inclusion factors in making significant Firm decisions, including ensuring a diverse pool of candidates for internal leadership positions.
Organizational Commitments
  • Maintain inclusiveness and diversity data tracking systems, including development of a diverse pool of candidates for open positions, and rely on the Inclusiveness and Diversity and Career Support Committees to determine additional tracking necessary to achieve the Firm’s strategic goals related to inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Sustain the Firm’s focus on retention and movement to equity partnership; support activities that develop an inclusive work environment.
  • Be critical of Firm systems; assume barriers to equity and equal opportunity exist and embrace the need for constant change to improve the Firm’s systems and structures.
  • Provide and encourage participation in inclusiveness and diversity programming and activities at every level.
  • Support and encourage the development, engagement with and production of programming by the Firm’s affinity groups.
  • Provide training for Firm leaders in fostering voice and engagement in teams and working groups.
  • Fund approved participation by individual Firm members in organizations promoting diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Implement hiring and interviewing best practices and establish those practices as an institutional expectation.
  • Engage in regular comparative analysis of compensation, performance evaluations, and promotion rates and address identified inequities or bias.
  • Ensure the development of pathways to advancement and monitor the progression of diverse firm members to ensure opportunities are shared equitably.
  • Promote the Firm’s Large Legal Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism seminars for Firm members and in partnership with Firm clients.
  • Promote, encourage and publicize the Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee’s strategic plan.