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Ryan T. Jardine


Ryan actively engages in a broad spectrum of finance-related transactions. His experience includes serving as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and underwriter's counsel.

Ryan engages in a broad spectrum of finance-related transactions on behalf of a variety of clients and issuers including general municipalities and governmental entities, transportation, charter schools, public and private higher education institutions, healthcare, nonprofit and charitable 501(c)(3). Ryan’s experience includes serving as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and underwriter's counsel. 
  • “Learning to Become a Great Lawyer – tips for young associates,” WYOMING LAWYER, June 2011 (co-author)
  • ECONOMIC LAW—Vertical Minimum Pricing in Leegin—Adrift With the Rule of Reason; Sinking With Stare Decisis; Leegin Creative Leather Prod., Inc. v. PSKS, Inc.,127 S. Ct. 2705 (2007), 8 Wyo. L. Rev. 683 (2008) (author)


  • Acts as counsel to nationally recognized transportation entities including airports, ports and other mass transit providers on various financings which provided for the construction of additional facilities and improved infrastructure and restructured outstanding obligations.
General Governmental
  • Acts as counsel to counties, cities, and other political subdivisions in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.
  • Acts as counsel in connection with numerous financings for various government projects and public services including water utilities, broadband, schools, renewable energy facilities, municipal courthouses and conference centers.
Charter Schools and Higher Education
  • Serves as counsel to a variety of K-12/charter schools, colleges, universities, and other entities related to higher education in a wide array of transactions which provided for improved educational facilities, student housing and the creation of additional campus facilities and infrastructure.
Charitable Organizations/ 501(c)(3)
  • Assisted in conduit financings on behalf of many nonprofit and 501(c)3 entities which provide for affordable housing to low and moderate income families and individuals; environmental and wildlife conservation; food distribution to those in need; and mental health resources to the community among many others.
Post-Issuance Compliance
  • Assists clients in awareness of securities rules and regulations including post-issuance and continuing compliance obligations to various government entities including the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Internal Revenue Service.