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J.R. Carroll Discusses NCAA Student Athlete Pay

News | October 31, 2019

J.R. Carroll, Kutak Rock partner in the Fayetteville office, was recently quoted in the October 30 Talk Business & Politics article “NCAA student-athlete pay review a ‘small first step,’ and a pre-emptive move.”

The article covers the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) about-face on the subject of paying student-athletes, reversing the historic stance against any form of direct, non-scholarship pay.

In its statement, the NCAA noted, “…the NCAA’s top governing board voted unanimously to permit students participating in athletics the opportunity to benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.”

However, Carroll isn’t convinced the NCAA can develop rules that will be acceptable by all states and/or college divisions. He believes a major sticking point will be the rules around “what is a legitimate business purpose” in paying a student-athlete for their name and likeness.

J.R. Carroll has a proven track record representing clients – both as defense and plaintiff counsel – in products liability and complex commercial litigation. He is a registered NFL contract advisor representing players and coaches in a variety of matters including employment and endorsement contracts.