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Media, Sports and Entertainment

Kutak Rock’s Media, Entertainment and Sports group helps clients evaluate, negotiate and litigate a range of agreements across virtually every segment of the media and entertainment industries.
Our attorneys provide the full range of transactional, advisory and litigation services to current and former professional athletes, professional sport teams, as well as sports agents, investment advisors, managers, coaches and other individuals and entities within the sports industry.  Our diverse practice includes providing advice on complex legal matters ranging from endorsement deals and branding/intellectual property issues, player contract negotiations, business formation and management and evaluation and analysis of business and investment opportunities, to disciplinary actions and disputes. We also have experience advising institutional banks, private equity funds, family offices, wealth advisors, accountants and other corporate entities and private clients on transactional and advisory matters relative to the sports and entertainment industry. 
The group is comprised of attorneys who currently serve or have served as player agents and who are deeply familiar with licensing agreements, endorsement contracts and related issues.  Our experience also includes the representation of celebrities, radio personalities, actors, athletes, models, broadcasters, production companies and others.  We are fully versed in negotiating talent agreements, advising on distribution and marketing, securing broadcast licenses, litigating copyright, trademark, royalty rate-setting, idea theft, and right of publicity claims, drafting software licenses, and counselling clients on a wide range of legal and business issues.
As part of our practice, we regularly counsel and advise on matters and transactions where the media is concerned.  Because the media carries with it particular risks of litigation, and to mitigate that risk, we provide review and counsel for copyright infringement, theft-of-idea, misappropriation, defamation, and violation-of-privacy suits.
In addition, we provide counsel and dispute resolution services in matters related to the internet and social media, crisis communications and media and reputation management.  Several of our attorneys act as legal analysts, equipping clients with media strategy and connections.