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Kutak Rock Helps Client Vornado Protect Trade Secrets

News | October 11, 2017


On the eve of trial, after taking the case over from New York counsel, Kutak Rock attorneys recently gained dismissal of a trade secrets misappropriation suit filed against client Vornado Air, LLC (“Vornado”), a major international fan manufacturer. The suit alleged misappropriation of trade secret, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and quantum meruit. Kutak Rock had assumed the case after discovery and dispositive motions already had been fully briefed by other counsel. Kutak Rock litigators Julie Cox, Kevin Brooks and Sarah Gillette analyzed the legal issues and filed pre-trial Motions in Limine that effectively left the plaintiff with no submissible case. Prior to hearing on the Motions in Limine, plaintiff dismissed the suit and all claims to recover against Vornado to avoid the potential of paying Vornado’s attorneys’ fees.

The victory solidified Vornado’s reputation as a protector of its intellectual property and other rights.

Vornado is a major fan manufacturer distributing products to 12 countries and with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Andover, Kansas. For more information, please click here.