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Trade Secrets

We provide clients thorough and effective methods of protecting trade secrets, including:

  • Customer and vendor lists
  • Business methods
  • Software source code
  • Marketing and strategic plans
  • Product formulations
  • Financial data
  • Confidential and proprietary business information

We work with our clients to develop and implement the necessary steps to protect such information, including procedures and documentation to use during the hiring and termination of employees with access to trade secret information. This includes specifically tailored non-compete agreements for key employees. We can also provide customized non-disclosure agreements for use with contractors, vendors, and other potential and/or actual business partners or collaborators to protect our clients’ confidential information. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the various states’ adaptations of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act and employment statutes regarding limitations on obligations of employees to assign ownership of developments to their employers. We employ that knowledge in determining appropriate protection methods. Not only do we proactively assist clients in protecting their trade secrets, we also formulate strategies to prevent contamination from unauthorized disclosures.

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