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Base Realignment and Closure

"We help clients understand the applicable federal property disposal process, develop the appropriate transfer strategy, and negotiate with the applicable military service over terms, price, schedule and condition."

Kutak Rock has represented more than 100 communities in base closure and reuse matters at more than 150 military installations and 15 non-Department of Defense facilities (laboratories, weapons facilities, etc.).

We counsel states, local governments, local redevelopment authorities (“LRAs”) and other similar organizations, as well as lenders, developers and utility providers, on matters involving military base closure, realignment, and reuse, acquisition and disposal of closing/closed military bases, and environmental concerns.

For more than 25 years, the firm has served as community advocates in advance of and during the base realignment and closure (“BRAC”) process. We assist clients to identify and implement plans to expand their strengths and mitigate any weaknesses that may make them vulnerable to closure. Once a BRAC round is announced, Kutak Rock mobilizes to assist our clients to achieve a favorable outcome from the BRAC Commission.