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Amir Farahani


Amir Farahani is an attorney who brings a unique blend of legal prowess and extensive experience in the world of business, engineering, procurement, construction, and expertise in facilitating investment in the U.S. through E2 and EB5 visas. 

Amir earned his Juris Doctor degree from Chapman University School of Law, where he honed his legal skills in areas such as International Business Transactions, Agency and Partnership, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Regulations, Antitrust, and Litigation Practice.

In the business realm, Amir is more than an attorney; he is a strategic partner who collaborates closely with clients in manufacturing, energy, industrial, and franchising sectors to achieve their growth objectives. His legal insights, combined with a profound understanding of the industry and business processes, make him a sought-after advisor for businesses looking to seize opportunities, merge or acquire other businesses, and navigate challenges to secure their position in a rapidly evolving sector.

Amir’s career is marked also by his significant contributions to engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects, where he played a pivotal role in structuring and managing bid packages as well as drafting complex EPC contracts for large integrated steel complex projects, combined cycle and renewable energy power plants, HV transmission lines and substations, cryogenic air separation plants (O2, N2, H2), and mineral procession projects. He reviewed contractors’ claims and defended clients to keep the project completion within the planned time and budget. His ability to navigate intricate agreements and ensure successful project execution has made him a sought-after legal professional in the realm of EPC and construction projects.

Amir’s dedication to entrepreneurship and facilitating investment in the United States through E2 and EB5 investor visas is a testament to his commitment to fostering economic growth and innovation. His work involved working with a variety of small and large franchises helping them grow their brand through addition of E2 and EB5 franchisees. Amir has filed trademark, drafted franchise agreements and franchise disclosure documents (FDD) to create new franchise concepts. He also drafted amendments to Franchise Agreements, G-Max Construction Contracts, Construction Management Agreements, and Operation and Management Service Contracts for EB5 investors to facilitate their investment in the United States. Amir’s expertise also contributed to protecting investors’ rights to seek recovery in case of a breach by franchisors and other parties.

Amir is also an aggressive litigator when it comes to protecting his client’s rights and restoring their future. His experience includes working on business, intellectual property, and insurance defense cases. He has experience in drafting complaints, answers, various motions, discovery, oppositions, etc. He appears regularly before the courts for hearings. Combined with his business and engineering background, he can represent his clients’ interests in complex litigation cases effectively.


Energy and Power

  • Represented a large renewable energy developer in a 98 MW wind turbine farm project Represented a steel producer in a 350 MW simple cycle power plant project
  • Represented a steel producer in a 500 MW combined cycle power plant project
  • Represented  clients in two 400 kV electrical substation and transmission line projects

Iron and Steel

  • Represented a private steel producer in an integrated steel mill complex project to establish Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking, thin slab casting, and hot rolled coil plants valued more than $600 million
  • Represented a large steel producer in an 800,000 ton per year Midrex© based direct reduction plant project
  • Represented eight government owned startup steel complex companies in eight green field 1,000,000 ton per year Midrex © based direct reduction plants and material receiving and handling projects
  • Represented three government owned startup steel complex companies in three green field 1,000,000 ton per year Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking plants, water treatment and cooling facilities, cryogenic air separation plant, and 400 kV/33 kV substation projects
  • Represented steel manufacturing investors in a green field steel complex project to establish material receiving and handling systems and 1,500,000 ton per year Direct Reduction Plant, steelmaking plant, continues casting plant, workshops, cryogenic air separation plant, water treatment and cooling facilities, and main 400 kV/33 kV substation
  • Represented a steel producer client in its meltshop expansion project to achieve production of 1,400,000 tons of semi-finished billet products
  • Represented a government owned steel producer client in procurement of its 800,000 per year billet continuous casting machine (CCM) project
  • Represented a government owned steel producer client in a 1,200,000 ton per year wide slab continuous casting machine (CCM) project

Mineral Processing

  • Represented a gold mine developer with a gold mine extraction plant project
  • Represented a coal washing plant client with construction of new coal washing plants
  • Represented coal mining company client with modernization of coal mines projects

Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

  • Represented a client with a cryogenic air separation project for production of liquid O2, N2, and H2 on build-own-operate scheme