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Fred Marienthal Authors Review of “Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know”

Publications - Article | July 30, 2015

Attorney Fred Marienthal authored a review of Paul Waldau’s book, “Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know,” in the July 2015 issues of The Colorado Lawyer. “Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know” is part of an Oxford University Press “What Everyone Needs to Know” series covering a range of topics written in a question and answer format.

Marienthal outlines the themes of each chapter, including key animal rights definitions; the human tendency to selectively forget our relationship to the animal kingdom; the distinction between moral rights and legal rights; and various aspects of the animal protection movement. He relates the text to Colorado’s unique experiences in the area of animal rights and animal protection. Marienthal uses examples from the Town of Nucla, Colorado and its first annual “Top Dog World Championship Prairie Dog Shoot” in 1990, as well as the Boulder, Colorado City Council vote in 2000 to change the city’s municipal code to refer to pet owners as “guardians.” Marienthal states the book is a broad and easy read with a fairly neutral tone, and it provides an insightful overview of the animal rights movement.

Reproduced by permission. ©2015 Colorado Bar Association, 44 The Colorado Lawyer 90-91 (August 2015). All rights reserved.

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