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Kutak Rock Attorneys Steinberg, Degan Contribute Blog Post on Lead Management at Firing Ranges

News | June 15, 2017

Kutak Rock attorneys Barry Steinberg and Michael Degan recently authored the blog post, “Getting the Lead Out: An Introduction to Shooting Range Lead Management” for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s blog. The blog post overviews the necessity for lead management at firing ranges and the laws governing the proper disposal of lead, provides example of a recent OSHA citation for a range found to be in violation of proper lead mitigation programs and explains why proper lead management is “good for business.”

Steinberg is a retired Army colonel who served in senior legal positions overseas and in the Pentagon. He has represented municipalities and corporate entities with respect to contamination emanating from the manufacture and use of weapons, explosives, ammunition and targets. The contaminants include lead projectiles, TNT and its variations, PAH-contaminated skeets, RDX, nitroguanidine, depleted uranium and black powder.

Degan represents indoor and outdoor range owners and operators on a number of issues, including OSHA, EPA and ATF compliance and enforcement matters, land use and noise abatement issues, and best practices. He also represents arms and ammunition manufacturers and distributors in product liability litigation.

Kutak Rock’s Firearm Industry Group, made up of attorneys from a variety of practice groups, provides advice and counsel to firearm and ammunition manufacturers and dealers in the full range of business, dispute resolution, litigation and regulatory matters. The Group is comprised of industry enthusiasts and legal subject-matter authorities who are focused purely on the business and legal needs of firearm and ammunition manufacturers and dealers. The firm serves as national coordinating counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Premium Range Program, a resource and service available to NSSF members.