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Bryan Handlos Presents at Great Plains Federal Tax Institute

News | December 2, 2016

Kutak Rock partner Bryan Handlos presented "Virtual Currency and Blockchains: Introduction and Emerging Issues" at the Great Plains Federal Tax Institute on Friday, December 2, 2016.

The session included a brief introduction to virtual currency, including the characteristics and recent history of Bitcoin. Handlos addressed virtual currency risks, benefits, regulatory developments and other issues, including types of blockchains and general issues and opportunities presented by this technology.

Great Plains Federal Tax Institute was formed to provide an annual opportunity for tax professionals to hear presentations on significant tax-related topics. The Institute developed through the efforts of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants. For more information, please click here.

Mr. Handlos' work at Kutak Rock involves primarily bank regulatory and consumer financial services matters. He represents banks, nonbank financial services providers, and commercial customers acquiring financial services products. His experience includes consumer compliance (particularly credit card issuer representation), retail banking, operations, treasury services and core bank regulatory topics.