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Lavender Law Conference

We’re so glad we connected with you at the Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair.

On this page you’ll find all sorts of resources, information, and answers to many common questions.

Want to continue the conversation? Feel free to reach out to Brian, Ed, or Steve who you met at the Career Fair.


Q. Where will you be hiring and in what practice areas?

A. Generally speaking, we’re hiring all the time in many practice areas. To see specific, current opportunities, visit our Careers page. All positions are posted there. 

Q. How do I get my resume to you?

A. If you don’t see an open position that fits on our Careers page, you’re encouraged to send us your materials here.

Q. Can I work remotely?

A. Yes! Hybrid work opportunities are available in most of our Kutak Rock offices. 

Q. Do you actually support LGBTQIA+ colleagues? Can you give some examples?

A. Yes on both counts. On the administrative side, we offer comprehensive medical benefits including transition-related benefits; parental leave benefits on equal terms for all employees; and nontraditional family planning. Our non-discrimination policy also explicitly includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity and expression” as protected classes.

One of the firm’s four core values is “Inclusiveness & Diversity,” and we support this in multiple ways. First, we have an active LGBTQIA + Allies Affinity Group (ERG) that not only serves as a social support group, but its members also regularly organize and present webinars (sometimes for CLE) to the firm on timely, relevant topics that affect the community. Recent topics include the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision; how the Supreme Court’s decision on Title VII (Bostock) impacts the workplace; the social and legal landscape of religious liberty and LGBTQ rights; proposed changes to Nebraska’s ethics rules in response to gender-based inappropriate conduct in the legal community and workplaces; and how the overturning of Dobbs impacts employers and employees. Upcoming 2023 webinars will address bans on gender-affirming care and the Parentage Act. Our attorneys also commit their time to pro bono activities that aid LGBTQIA+ community members. Read about one such example.

Next, we actively recruit, hire, and promote LGBTQIA+ attorneys and staff. For years, we’ve surpassed the national average of LGBTQIA+ equity partners by a substantial amount. What’s more, we maintain a higher-than-average number of LGBTQIA+ attorneys in leadership positions.

And finally, we support each other through regular affinity group meetings, special meetings when members might be experiencing high levels of stress and frustration, and social events. Before the pandemic, we held social gatherings with LGBTQIA+ ERGs from clients and community businesses, and now that things have opened up a bit, we’re taking part in public Pride activities with the firm’s support and sponsorship.