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State Revolving Funds

Kutak Rock has extensive experience with Wastewater/Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (“SRF”) structures and is familiar with programs utilizing state match and leveraged bonds, and which combine the credits of Wastewater/Clean Water and Drinking Water revolving funds to achieve the most efficient financing.  The firm has served as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter’s counsel and special tax counsel for Wastewater/Clean Water SRF and Drinking Water SRF issues in a number of states since the inception of the federal programs.

We have worked through the complicated legal, tax and structuring issues that attend SRF financing programs and offer state agencies knowledgeable guidance on how to structure their programs, including advice with respect to post-issuance compliance for tax and disclosure matters and lending practices, to maximize the goals of program management within the bounds of federal and state regulatory limits.