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Dennis J. Moynihan


Dennis leads the day-to-day coordination and defense of repetitive claims, among which has included asbestos claims on behalf of a Fortune 100 diversified manufacturing company and on behalf of a large refractory materials manufacturer.

Dennis’ coordinating counsel work covers every aspect of defense in a repetitive claims situation. His work involves a detailed review of historical documents, product lines, sales, manufacturing facilities and service offices. He works closely and regularly with corporate witnesses, experts and defense counsel. A primary focus of Dennis' work is ensuring consistency of defense positions and themes across jurisdictions.

Dennis' coordinating counsel includes the detailed development of and work with exposure assessment, risk assessment and related experts. These experts have been developed consistently with the themes of the corporate defense and have conducted detailed reviews of historical documents and product lines. A key component of this expert work, in the context of toxic torts, is the development of medical defenses in each individual matter.

Dennis has significant experience addressing premises issues in litigation. He has worked closely with plant-level facilities managers, health and safety directors and other personnel to understand and evaluate the construction, renovation and abatement histories of individual facilities, as well as to understand the potential exposure (in the context of toxic torts) and other issues related to product lines produced in those facilities.

In addition to his other work, Dennis has been instrumental in the development and presentation of training programs for defense counsel, including the development of a full-scale trial program to educate defense counsel on the client’s key defense points and themes.