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Kutak Rock Recognized Among Best Law Firms for Cost Control by BTI Consulting

News | May 21, 2024

Kutak Rock has been recognized as one of the best law firms in the country for engendering client trust in cost control according to a report from BTI Consulting. The report, “67 Firms Best at Cost Control — And You’ll Never Guess Why,” signals the shift from traditional cost-cutting measures, such as mandatory rate cuts and stringent oversight, and highlights the importance of trust in outside counsel’s approach and communication.

According to the report, 87% of corporate counsel believe that trust in their outside counsel’s strategy and communication leads to the best cost control.  As BTI states: “this is over and above trust in the legal work—it’s about doing excellent work for the right value.” This trust is earned through specific behaviors, including:

  • Very early assessments
  • Budgets offered at matter inception
  • Full team introductions at matter start
  • Getting feedback on the budget on both dollars and timing
  • Advising clients of budget changes in near real-time
  • Relationship partners have full authority to commit the firm to rates and fees
  • Explaining any unusual invoices to clients before sending
  • Obtaining meaningful post-matter feedback

Kutak Rock’s inclusion in the “Standout” category highlights the firm’s commitment to these trust-building practices and reflects Kutak Rock’s dedication to providing excellent work at the right value, fostering enduring client relationships, and ensuring clients can focus on their core business challenges rather than micromanaging legal costs. This accolade exemplifies the firm’s approach to client service and cost management, demonstrating that these strategies resonate well with clients’ needs.