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Kutak Rock's 2023 Inclusive Engagement Annual Report

News - Inclusiveness and Diversity | January 16, 2024

At Kutak Rock, building an inclusive culture and encouraging holistic well-being is everyone’s responsibility. We are pleased to present our 2023 Inclusive Engagement Annual Report, which demonstrates our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and creating a healthy firm culture for all members through comprehensive career support and well-being. 

Titled “Connections: Building Strong Teams and Communities,” the inclusive engagement report provides an overview of this past year’s progress in four core areas: building strong teams and connections; DEI; affinity groups; and career support/well-being. 

“Kutak Rock’s strategic work to build an institution that offers a diverse workforce and an inclusive workspace is critical to creating a sustainable law firm,” said firm Chair John Petr. “At our firm, it matters that we live our values and give our members the resources and opportunities to fulfill their potential.”

Firm Vice Chair Hilary Jackler added, “One of the primary keys to success at Kutak Rock is building strong teams and connections. It’s these connections that allow us to thrive—both individually and institutionally.” 

From its founding in 1965 to today, Kutak Rock has striven to promote equity and effect meaningful systemic change for and among its attorneys and staff and the communities in which its members live and serve.

We encourage you to browse this year’s Inclusive Engagement Annual Report and contact us with your thoughts—we’d love to connect.