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Tom Snyder, Colorado Poverty Law Project Intervene to Help Local Tenants

News | March 14, 2022

Thanks to an intervention by lawyers at the Colorado Poverty Law Project (CPLP), including co-founder and Kutak Rock partner Tom Snyder, local Denver tenants of a boarding house in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood will have more time to find a new home.  

On February 28 the tenants of Clarkson Lodge were informed the building had been sold and they had 14 days to relocate. CPLP sent a letter to the boarding house owner threatening to file a lawsuit because the initial eviction notice to tenants did not provide adequate time and violated both state law and Denver municipal code. 

According to Mr. Snyder, “The City of Denver has a municipal code provision that requires at least 30 days’ notice prior to shutting down an apartment building, hotel, motel, lodge or boarding house. Colorado state law requires there be a three-week notice for month-to-month tenants in advance of the next tenancy period.”

Now that CPLP has helped extend the move-out date for the tenants of Clarkson Lodge, the local nonprofit plans to help them find new housing options while also addressing some of their specific, individual needs.

Kutak Rock partner Tom Snyder has more than 25 years of extensive commercial litigation experience in the telecommunications and energy industries. He also has significant experience in public finance litigation.

Mr. Snyder co-founded and serves as President of the Colorado Poverty Law Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects low-income individuals with free legal services to fight evictions and housing injustice. 

Read more about Tom’s work with CPLP here.