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Kutak Rock Celebrates 50 Years

News | January 6, 2015

Kutak Rock LLP is pleased to announce it is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015. Since the firm’s inception, Kutak Rock has grown into a national law firm of more than 500 lawyers in 17 locations.

“Since the firm’s origins in 1965, Kutak Rock has uniquely operated with the highest standards of respect and premier client service,” said David Jacobson, Firm Chair. “I am honored to lead the firm as we celebrate this significant milestone, and we look forward to another 50 years of excellent client service.”

Kutak Rock was founded in Omaha, Nebraska when Robert J. Kutak came to an agreement to start the firm with its first two partners, Harold L. Rock and William G. Campbell. Although Kutak Rock began as a small firm, Kutak envisioned the firm would expand into a large law firm with multiple nationwide offices (unprecedented at the time) and specialized expertise to serve a national clientele that at the time was facing challenges with the changing tax, regulatory and other federal laws. Kutak established Kutak Rock with the intention of creating a law firm with the highest dedication to client service, as well as essential fairness and respect for its stakeholders, and a commitment to serving the community and greater public interest.

When the firm was formed, Kutak stated, “We had a belief in ourselves and a belief that this town, this region, was ready—and certainly we were ready, we thought—for a new kind of law firm. We decided that we were not just going to have a collective venture where we shared rent, expenses and facilities. We were really going to share our practice together, so that when a client came to us, just Bob Kutak wasn’t his lawyer, just Harold Rock wasn’t his lawyer; the whole firm was the client’s attorney.” This philosophy resonates throughout the firm today, and Kutak Rock is loyal to preserving its values of commitment to clients, mutual respect, diversity, local communities and integrity.

Today, Kutak Rock serves local, regional and national clients in business and corporate law, public finance, litigation and real estate law, with numerous areas of specialization across its 17 locations: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Fayetteville, Irvine, Kansas City, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Richmond, Scottsdale, Spokane, Washington, DC and Wichita.

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