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Mr. Blumenfeld is resident in the Philadelphia office, where his practice consists primarily of serving as bond counsel and underwriter’s counsel in major public offerings of tax-exempt governmental debt in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition, he assists attorneys in other offices representing national firm clients in local public finance matters, such as credit enhancers, conduit lenders and borrowers, and bondholders. He has more than 25 years of experience in the issuance of debt by public entities, having served as bond counsel, underwriters’ counsel and counsel to conduit borrowers, credit enhancers and trustees in a broad range of transactions, including general governmental, utility, education, housing, health care, 501(c)(3), industrial development and redevelopment financings, securitization of tax liens, and derivatives. Prior to his joining Kutak Rock in 2009, Mr. Blumenfeld was a partner in two Philadelphia-based firms, at one of which he chaired the Public Finance practice group, at the other of which he chaired the firm’s New Jersey public finance practice and served as lead attorney for the firm’s engagement as bond counsel for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s single-family mortgage revenue bond program.

Mr. Blumenfeld has experience in virtually every area of public finance, from small general obligation issues, exempt facility issues including water supply, sewage and solid waste and airports, 501(c)(3)s including educational institutions, hospitals and other healthcare facilities and large, project-financed transactions. Current engagements of note include a pilot solar energy program involving new market tax credits and other federal subsidies, and the representation of the bondholders in a well-known bond default of long standing.

Mr. Blumenfeld is a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL) and frequently serves as a panelist at NABL seminars, as well as a member and past president of the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Association of Bond Lawyers. He has served as a guest lecturer on securities law and municipal indebtedness at the graduate school of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, at Rutgers University School of Law-Camden and at the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University.

Notable Transactions:

  • $68,275,000 Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority, Sewage Sludge Disposal Revenue Bonds (Philadelphia Biosolids Facility Project) Series 2009 - (Bond Counsel for this Sludge Pelletization issue).
  • $624,665,000 City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2010, consisting of $273,065,000 Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2010A (Non-AMT), $24,395,000 Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2010B (Non-AMT), $54,730,000 Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2010C (AMT) and $272,475,000 Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2010D (AMT) (Underwriters’ Counsel).
  • $260,960,000 Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, Special Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds (City of Philadelphia Funding Program) Series of 2010 (Special Counsel to the City of Philadelphia).
  • $45,000,000 (approximate) Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, Revenue Bonds (Piney Creek Project), Series 2008 and $30,000,000 (approximate) Clarion County Industrial Development Authority, Energy Development Revenue Bonds (Piney Creek Project) Series 2008 (Prior to joining Kutak Rock; Bond Counsel for coal-fired electric facility issue).


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