Secondary Markets

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As the tax-exempt securities markets have evolved, Kutak Rock has been there to assist a wide variety of clients in secondary market transactions. Our clients have used secondary market transactions to finance their acquisition of municipal securities, obtain cost savings, create synthetic refundings and leverage their bond portfolios. Secondary market transactions typically require extensive knowledge of partnership, corporate and municipal tax law, state and federal securities law, banking and securities regulation matters and the securities markets generally.

Examples of secondary market transactions we have used to help our clients meet their objectives include:

  • Tender Option Bonds
  • Coupon Stripping
  • Tax Exempt Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Detachable Calls
  • Options to Cause Refunding Bonds to be Issued
  • Liquidity Facilities and Credit Enhancements
  • Single Put Transactions
  • Portfolio Dumps

Kutak Rock has significant experience handling numerous one-off transactions as well as managing large programs with thousands of issuances over a period of years. Our extensive expertise in the municipal markets, knowledge of banking and securities regulation and strong tax practices give our clients the ability to explore and execute both established and cutting-edge transactions in the secondary markets.