Corporate Compliance

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Despite a firearms company’s best intentions and efforts, it can run afoul of state or federal regulations. Knowing this, Kutak Rock lawyers regularly advise clients in the design, implementation and operation of compliance programs, including those voluntarily created by the client or trade group and those mandated by state and federal regulators.

In advising firearms licensees on compliance issues, we utilize the expertise of both experienced corporate lawyers and litigators who regularly defend clients under regulatory scrutiny and conduct sophisticated internal investigations of alleged wrongdoing within the client’s organizations. Our lawyers regularly advise clients on difficult questions relating to the voluntary disclosure of suspected violations and have deep experience in negotiating resolution of matters disclosed to state and federal regulators.

Our representation of firearms licensees in compliance and governmental disputes matters runs the spectrum. We:

  • Offer prelitigation advice on compliance and risk management programs;
  • Advise clients on how to address illegal acts discovered by the licensee;
  • Defend clients in grand jury investigations and agency investigations;
  • Represent clients in litigation of parallel civil, criminal and administrative prosecutions, and to negotiating global resolution of multifaceted prosecutions.

Using this cross-disciplinary approach, Kutak Rock offers clients not only proactive advice on optimal compliance strategies, but also an experienced defense team when, despite the licensee’s compliance efforts, a federal, civil, criminal or administrative investigation begins.

We are constantly monitoring new statutes so as to advise directors, officers and key personnel on the evolving liability issues facing the firearms industry. The overriding strategy behind Kutak Rock’s governance representation is to assist our clients with the identification of their key fiduciary responsibilities and then help them organize their efforts to meet those responsibilities in compliance with all applicable law and best practices. A significant benefit of this strategy is that we are able to assist governance leaders in establishing an evidentiary trail so they can effectively demonstrate compliance with their fiduciary responsibilities in the event of future investigations or trials.