Foodborne Illness

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In the past, food borne illness outbreaks were localized affairs and normally impacted only a few people. Today’s national and international food distribution system means a simple market withdrawal due to a product quality concern or recall affects thousands of consumers. Kutak Rock’s national presence ensures a coordinated response, whether in response to a USDA or FDA recall request or a notification from a local health department of a smaller disease outbreak.

Industries across the food supply chain face a growing number of lawsuits related to food safety.  Whether you are a food manufacturer facing a recall or a restaurant caught in a disease outbreak, Kutak Rock has the expertise to assist. We have represented some of the largest food products companies in the United States concerning tainted spinach, hamburger and chicken and other food safety issues. Where the objective is quick resolution of these claims, we have worked to facilitate that outcome without incurring significant attorneys’ fees and costs. Where causation is at issue, we have the technical skill to deliver prominent experts in the field. Kutak Rock has extensive experience in defending food products companies across the food supply chain in food product liability claims.