Provider Licensing

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Kutak Rock national health care lawyers have extensive experience representing individual providers, suppliers and facilities, including physicians, pharmacists, dentists; long-term care, home health, and hospice providers; single and multispecialty physician practices; ambulatory surgery centers; retail, mail order and specialty pharmacies; dialysis facilities and suppliers; durable medical equipment suppliers; diagnostic imaging suppliers and IDTFs; behavioral health providers; and clinical laboratories on a variety of multi-state transactional, disciplinary and business matters related to state licensure, certificate of need determinations, accreditation and corporate practice of medicine issues.

Our health care attorneys have experience appearing before and working with many state health care regulatory, professional licensing and enforcement agencies and take great pride in achieving licensing and accreditation goals for our health care clients. Our focus is always on cost-effective, constructive and creative solutions to reaching the client’s licensure objective.

We take a common-sense approach to license preparation and submission concerns, ownership and disciplinary action disclosures, sanction resolution and the potential impact all such matters may have on overall health care, licensure and reimbursement compliance. Our experiences are practical, goal oriented and based on years of representing professionals with real-world issues. We understand and listen to the needs of our clients; exploring options and alternatives consistent with legal and regulatory guidelines, to develop solutions that enable our clients to meet their professional licensing and accreditation needs.