Michael T. Lambert

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Mr. Lambert is a partner in the Denver office of Kutak Rock LLP. He has substantial experience in closing difficult and contentious transactions. He focuses his practice on adding value to clients' businesses through legal advice on structured finance transactions, tax law related to REITs, other pass-through entities (such as limited liability companies) and complex financing transactions, Uniform Commercial Code and security interests law and bankruptcy law related to structured finance transactions. He represents issuers and underwriters in both routine and emerging securitizations. He has substantial experience with secured debt offerings and warehouse, revolving and term asset-backed structured finance transactions involving numerous asset types, such as commercial mortgages, home equity loans, residential loans, real estate leases, equipment leases, automobile receivables, student loans, insurance contracts, health care receivables and specialized consumer receivables. Mr. Lambert also provides advice to clients regarding limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, statutory trusts and special-purpose financing entities.

  • Represented a construction loan bridge lender in commercial loan securitizations.
  • Counsel in residential first mortgage, home equity mortgage, seller-financed mortgage, student loan and credit card loan securitizations.
  • Represented an issuer in secured and unsecured consumer installment loan receivable and cash flow structured finance offerings.
  • Represented an issuer in church property financing and multiple securitizations of church mortgage loans.
  • Counsel to an underwriter in structured finance transactions for alternative energy facilities and military housing projects.
  • Represented public and private REITs in master trust real estate lease asset-backed structured financings.