Consumer Protection Defense

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Many industries, including financial services, face an ever-growing number of consumer protection regulations with which they must comply. These regulations can be complex and confusing, and occasionally in conflict. Non-compliance can result in state and federal enforcement actions and costly lawsuits.

Kutak Rock LLP’s Consumer Protection Defense Team is highly experienced and deeply committed to helping your business stay in compliance and out of hot water. Whether you are developing internal compliance policies, preparing for an external examination or investigation, or facing a class action lawsuit, our team can step in to advise and defend you without breaking the budget.

Our nationwide team is well-versed in federal and state consumer protection laws in areas as diverse as:

  • Consumer lending and finance (FCRA, FACTA, TILA, ECOA, RESPA, etc.)
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau actions (CFPB, FTC, related DOJ actions)
  • Risk-based pricing (Regulation Z)
  • Debt collection and consumer credit (FDCPA and state consumer credit laws; CFPB enforcement)
  • Privacy and identity theft protection (FTC Act Section 5, Red Flags Rule, Gramm-Leach-Bliley)
  • Data breach response, management, and notification law compliance
  • Telephone, fax, text, e-mail, and Internet marketing and communications (TCPA, Do-Not-Call, TSR, CAN-SPAM)
  • Data collection, retention, and destruction rules

Our seasoned corporate, compliance and litigation attorneys work as a team, to provide both proactive and preventative compliance advice, together with swift and effective defense of consumer protection claims. Our cutting edge knowledge of regulatory and litigation trends ensures that you have a savvy advocate on your side. Our Washington, D.C. office is in regular contact with federal regulators, and is home to several former government attorneys with a deep understanding of the rulemaking and enforcement processes.