John L. Petr

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Mr. Petr is Chair of the Omaha Public Finance Department. He has represented issuers, credit enhancers, lenders and underwriters in connection with taxable and tax-exempt financings in the housing and electric energy sectors. Within those areas, he has worked as a member and leader of Kutak Rock attorney teams to address structuring and operational issues touching on a broad range of legal disciplines, including tax, real estate, securities regulation, bankruptcy, government contracting and environmental law.

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Mr. Petr’s public power experience includes work as bond counsel or issuer’s counsel in connection with over a billion dollars in taxable and tax-exempt financing for the Omaha (Nebraska) Public Power District and the Lincoln (Nebraska) Electric System. Mr. Petr’s work in the public utility sector has included bond counsel work on long-term debt and commercial paper transactions, subordinated debt financings, “minibond” transactions and project-specific revenue financings. He has also worked with issuer clients to negotiate liquidity facilities and lines of credit, to draft public utility debt-related legislation and to design and help implement disclosure and tax compliance policies and procedures. In addition, Mr. Petr has worked as underwriters’ counsel in connection with a range of tax-exempt public power transactions.

In the housing sector, Mr. Petr’s practice includes low-income housing, student housing and taxable military housing financings. He has acted as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, borrower’s counsel and credit enhancer’s counsel on private activity bond housing financings, 501(c)(3) transactions, governmental transactions, student housing financings and military housing transactions. Mr. Petr has represented clients in various capacities on FHA- and GNMA-insured transactions, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financings, letter of credit-backed deals, Section 8 subsidized transactions, unenhanced real estate-backed financings and bond-insured transactions.

In addition, Mr. Petr is among the most experienced attorneys in the privatized military housing market, and was a primary participant in the development and implementation of the United States Department of the Treasury’s New Issue Bond Program and Temporary Credit and Liquidity Program. He also represents issuers and underwriters in connection with tax-exempt electric utility revenue bond financings.

  • Participated as bond counsel, issuer’s counsel, underwriter’s counsel and credit enhancer’s counsel in numerous early FAF refunding transactions.
  • Acted as credit enhancer’s counsel in two of the first military housing privatization transactions, and has subsequently participated in over a dozen such transactions in a variety of capacities.
  • Involved in the first military housing transaction for unaccompanied military personnel, and the first privatization of military lodging facilities.
  • Played a significant role in the development and implementation of the United States Department of the Treasury’s New Issue Bond Program and Temporary Credit and Liquidity Program.
  • Participated in the financing of numerous privatized student housing facilities.