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Student loans have long been a significant part of Kutak Rock’s securitization and public and corporate finance practices. According to industry statistics, we have been involved in more student loan financings than any law firm in the country. The student loan programs associated with these financings include all types of Higher Education Act loans, including federal Stafford Loans, Consolidation Loans and PLUS/SLS Loans, as well as alternative (or supplemental) private student loan programs that do not involve federal guarantee or insurance programs.

The expertise of our student loan attorneys far exceeds the basic financing structures, allowing us to provide more assistance to our clients than many other law firms. Having represented issuers, originating lenders, secondary markets, underwriters, trustees, bond insurers and letter of credit banks, our attorneys are familiar with virtually every aspect of student loan transactions and can assist our clients in interpreting and seeking clarification of student loan issues, structuring transactions to satisfy tax, perfection, bankruptcy and true-sale requirements, negotiating servicing contracts, swaps and other derivative products and working out or restructuring troubled portfolios.

Whether taxable or tax‑exempt, the types of student loan transactions we have participated in consist of fixed rate bonds, credit‑enhanced floating rate bonds, auction rate bonds, LIBOR floating rate notes, commercial paper, senior/subordinate/junior subordinate structures, a combination of tax‑exempt and taxable bonds, delayed delivery bonds and warehouse financings.