Structured Investments

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Kutak Rock maintains a practice group that focuses on the representation of providers of investment products to the municipal market. For more than 20 years, members of this group have represented numerous commercial banks (both domestic banks and foreign banks acting through domestic branches) and a group of insurance companies in many thousands of transactions in which our clients provided such products. These investment products have taken the form of investment agreements, collateralized investment agreements, repurchase agreements, forward delivery agreements, put agreements, escrow float agreements, swaps and other structured transactions involving the sale of securities. In several instances, our attorneys have worked with clients to establish municipal reinvestment programs in addition to representing them on an ongoing basis.

The experience gained through our firm’s participation in this large number of transactions has given us exposure to virtually all issues facing providers of investment products to the municipal market. Drawing on this experience and the great depth of the firm’s expertise in public finance, we have developed solutions to these issues to meet the needs of our clients and the municipal issuers.