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Securitizations are a cornerstone of our public finance transactional practice. While Kutak Rock has specialized teams of attorneys focusing on each type of securitization, from housing to student loans, those attorneys have the ability to draw upon the knowledge of others in the firm who focus on areas such as taxation, interest rate swaps and other derivative products, bankruptcy, true‑sale, security interests and governmental regulations. This collaboration greatly enhances our ability to represent our clients in multiple aspects of each transaction. With more than 30 years’ experience in representing originators, issuers, secondary markets, underwriters, trustees and credit and liquidity providers, we have a deep understanding of the interests of each party involved in the transaction. That experience allows Kutak Rock to bring an all-encompassing perspective to each transaction that many others cannot, and enables us to quickly assist our clients in resolving issues that may arise.

Kutak Rock’s vast tax expertise and extensive experience with both taxable and tax‑exempt securitizations, together with our affiliated rebate analysis firm, permit us to advise our clients on the appropriate securitization structures for its assets, and, if requested, to guide our clients through any ongoing compliance requirements.

Kutak Rock has unparalleled experience with all types of the financing structures commonly used in securitizations, such as fixed rate bonds, credit‑enhanced floating rate bonds, LIBOR floating rate notes, commercial paper, senior/subordinate/junior subordinate structures, a combination of tax‑exempt and taxable bonds, delayed delivery bonds and warehouse financings.