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Richard Butterworth joined Kutak Rock LLP after serving as a Senior Assistant General Counsel in the Office of General Counsel of the General Services Administration, where he worked for over 30 years. Mr. Butterworth served as the chief counsel to the Public Buildings Service’s Offices of Real Property Utilization and Disposal and Energy Acquisition. In that capacity he provided legal counsel on national policy and practice matters as well as providing direct legal support for complex transactions handled in GSA’s regional offices He has been focused on transactions that assist the Government in meeting its objectives through public-private partnerships.

In the area of energy acquisitions, Mr. Butterworth was lead counsel for a number of public-private partnership opportunities, including Utility Energy Savings Contracts and Energy Savings Performance Contracts. He provided counsel and support to the GSA ESPC PMO, which has awarded over $500 million in contracts, and is responsible for legal issues arising from unique energy acquisition contracts, such as utility areawide contracts, complex power purchase agreements like the DC Solar Challenge, and individual ESPC and UESC transactions. In addition to GSA’s direct acquisitions, Mr. Butterworth has assisted in the use of GSA contract vehicles for public-private partnership opportunities by other federal agencies, resulting in the award of over $2 billion in such contracts by those agencies.

In the area of real property disposal, Mr. Butterworth has provided counsel on legal authority, appropriations law and scoring implications of proposed exchanges and outleases. For example, he was agency counsel for the historic preservation outlease of the NASA Moffett Field, which relieved NASA of facility maintenance and security obligations, including environmental and historic preservation requirements, and will return over $1 billion in lease revenue to NASA over the initial term of the lease. Mr. Butterworth was lead counsel for the recent exchange transaction between GSA and MIT for the Volpe Center campus in Cambridge, MA, which resulted in $750 million in value to the Federal Government. Other complex real property reutilization transactions with which he was involved include Sunflower and Volunteer Army Ammunition Plants, Governor’s Island, Lorton Correctional Facility, Hamilton Air Force Base, and St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

Mr. Butterworth has provided GSA with counsel on numerous legislative initiatives in both the real property utilization and disposal area, as well as energy policies and acquisition authorities, from commenting on both Congressional and agency drafts, through agency implementation of policies and procedures. He has also served as agency counsel to a number of boards and committees upon which GSA served, such as the Defense Environmental Response Task Force, the Interagency Council on Homelessness, the Federal Real Property Council, the Federal Utility Partnership Working Group, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Working Group. As a result of GSA’s unique authorities in the real property disposal and energy acquisition fields, Mr. Butterworth is regularly requested as a speaker at various federal and private sector sponsored events.

His expertise has been recognized with both individual and project awards within GSA, and through commendations from the Secretary of Defense, the Secretaries of the individual military services, and the Secretary of Energy, among other agencies. In addition to these primary practice areas, he also provided counsel to the GSA Offices of Portfolio Management, Historic Buildings and Fine Arts, as well as the Office of Government-wide Policy’s Offices of Sustainability and Real Property Policy. Mr. Butterworth received his J.D. from the University of Virginia, and a B.S. in political science and communications from James Madison University.