Real Estate Litigation

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Kutak Rock’s Real Estate Group knows how to navigate the volatile real estate industry in order to maximize value to our clients. By having a national team with offices in multiple jurisdictions, the real estate litigation attorneys have gained an acute understanding of the real estate markets in their jurisdictions and have assisted national lenders, secured creditors, REITS, developers, landlords and tenants in all phases of real estate litigation. While the Real Estate Group has obtained several successful verdicts in favor of our clients, the group prides itself on quickly resolving litigation problems as well as achieving creative workout solutions that achieve our clients’ business objectives while minimizing their exposure.

Additionally, with decades of trial experience, the real estate litigation attorneys are at the forefront of risk management analysis for our real estate clients. Indeed, the most efficient litigation strategy is often to avoid it all together. To achieve this goal, our attorneys have assisted in negotiating numerous secured transactions, leases and other real estate agreements together with policies and guidelines to minimize litigation exposure to our clients. Whether the team is protecting a multimillion-dollar real estate investment or evicting a problem tenant, Kutak Rock’s real estate litigation attorneys work swiftly and efficiently to resolve litigation issues.