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Kutak Rock’s public school finance attorneys start with a simple first step: we listen to you. We then bring to your assistance decades of experience to put your plan of finance into effect whether it is for the construction, renovation and improvement of school facilities, the implementation of new technology in classrooms, improved funding for educators or other financing needs.

We have a deep understanding of constitutional and statutory provisions affecting ballot questions, and drafting ballot questions is one of our core strengths. Simply stated, we focus on the purpose of the ballot issue and how that purpose is best presented to your electors. Within the legal framework which has, in many instances, been interpreted by the courts, there are a number of ways to authorize the issuance of bonds or increase the level of local revenue funding. We work closely with our clients to formulate and draft ballot questions and, most importantly, to have understandable ballot language that communicates the intended purpose of the question within constitutional and statutory requirements.

Public school financings range from general obligation bonds to various forms of lease transactions, including certificates of participation financings. At the state level our national public finance attorneys have served as bond counsel in the structuring of short-term borrowing programs for public schools and in the establishment of school grant programs to address safety hazards and health concerns in school facilities, to relieve overcrowding, and to incorporate technology into the education environment.