Personal Injury Defense

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Kutak Rock manages and defends complex, significant and serious personal injury claims on behalf of insurance companies as well as individuals and companies locally, nationally and worldwide. We take an early approach in partnership with our clients to find the most cost‑effective and efficient solution while mitigating risk. These solutions include aggressive settlement negotiations, mediation and other dispute resolution remedies that limit exposure without significant expense. We also further limit our clients’ financial risk by seeking recovery and allocation of fault against other potential tortfeasors. If a dispute cannot be resolved without trial, our experienced trial attorneys mount a straightforward, aggressive, cost‑efficient and technology-assisted defense. Our trial attorneys have the experience to defend any type of personal injury claim, and our representative experience includes, but is not limited to, claims arising out of professional negligence, toxic torts, product liability, premises liability, intentional torts, construction, trucking, agriculture, industrial accidents, automotive, nursing homes, recreation, aviation, food contamination and explosions.