Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement and Appeals

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All health care providers know they must interact daily with the Medicare and State Medicaid programs in order to operate their health care businesses. These federal and state reimbursement programs define how health care providers must operate, so a clear understanding of the regulations and continued compliance are critical. This is why Kutak Rock’s national health care attorneys are engaged routinely on projects involving all aspects of health care operations. We are in a position to properly advise health care providers because we understand the ever-changing regulations of the Medicare and State Medicaid programs.

Our national team of health care attorneys represents all types of health care providers participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Kutak Rock advises our clients on best practices and we file appeals involving rate adjustments or audit disallowances as needed. Recently, our health care attorneys worked with health care provider clients to construct self-reporting disclosure documents and worked out settlements for the Office of Inspector General investigators and state program integrity auditors. Additionally, Kutak Rock’s health care attorneys provide continuing education presentations for our health care clients on recent audit issues and understanding how to manage the RAC, MAC and ZPIC reviews.