Kimberly A. McKelvey

(402) 661-8697
Director of Strategic Focus and Director of Diversity

Ms. McKelvey serves as both the Director of Strategic Focus and Director of Diversity for Kutak Rock.

Strategic Focus

As the Director of Strategic Focus at Kutak Rock, Ms. McKelvey works with our leadership to maintain the firm’s culture and values and position our firm for continued and long-term success. She serves as a convener and facilitator to Kutak Rock’s attorneys, whether in one-on-one conversations or in working groups, departments, national practice groups or committees.

Prior to joining our firm, Ms. McKelvey served as the Executive Director of ALPS Foundation Services for seven years. In that role, she consulted with attorney groups nationwide on strategic and business planning, with a focus on designing individualized planning processes to match the needs of each client.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

In her role as Director of Diversity, Ms. McKelvey coordinates the National Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee and Forum. The Committee focuses on targeted, firmwide strategic diversity and inclusiveness goals designed to continuously support and improve our diverse and inclusive environment. The Forum, open to every person in the firm, is comprised of small groups generated by individual interest; each Forum Group develops activities specific to the interests and goals of the Group members. Together, the Committee and Forum comprise a firmwide effort to manifest a value our firm has held dear since its inception: creating a truly inclusive work environment for people of all backgrounds and experiences and broadening the depth of experience and opinion for the benefit of our workplaces, clients and communities.

Ms. McKelvey works closely with the Chairperson of the Diversity Committee and Forum, the Chairperson of the firm and the Executive Committee to support the efforts made by our attorneys and staff to improve diversity and inclusiveness at Kutak Rock and in our communities.

Prior to joining Kutak Rock, Ms. McKelvey served for 10 years as a trainer, Board member and Chairperson for the National Coalition Building Institute-Missoula, a statewide and regional nonprofit dedicated to reducing institutional prejudice and discrimination. She worked for four years with the Missoula City/County Office of Planning and Grants as a crime victim advocate, grant writer and court system advocate. In those roles, Ms. McKelvey provided diversity, anti-bullying, prejudice reduction training and conflict resolution facilitation for numerous institutions, including The University of Montana School of Law, The University of Montana, the National Forest Service, court systems and public school systems.