Julie Dean Larsen

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Julie Dean Larsen practices in the area of employment law, directors and officers, and professional liability, representing domestic and foreign insurers in risk management, coverage litigation, and appeals. Ms. Larsen has extensive experience in trial and appellate courts, state and federal. She has represented insurers in many of the nationwide certified employment class actions of the last 15 years, including certifications for discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, and disability access. She also has represented carriers in class actions based upon SEC and ERISA violations, on individual large loss claims, and in bad faith suits.

Ms. Larsen has taught at seminars for DRI, ACI, and PLUS on statistical methods used to prove discrimination, decision tree risk analysis, the right to independent counsel on a duty to defend policy, negotiations, valuing and resolving class actions, claim management, coverage under various policy forms, and class action litigation management.

Ms. Larsen has worked for underwriters drafting policy forms and endorsements. Her Linkedin contact is “juliedeanlarsen."