International Benefits

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The business world is constantly growing and expanding. One consideration for all businesses operating globally is the impact that their expanded operations will have on their benefit plans and tax liability. Our practice group has significant experience dealing with international benefits, including various issues impacting the structure and taxation of international plans.

We regularly advise our global clients on issues relating to multinational operations. We also have worked with overseas retirement accounts, cross-border transactions, foreign assets and foreign investments.

We have reviewed and designed plans and programs with regard to in-patriot and ex-patriot coverage, controlled group issues, outsourcing and dual qualification matters. Our experience also includes rendering tax advice concerning the taxation of contributions, earnings and distributions as well as related tax reporting and the application of international treaties. We have experience analyzing the meaning of “U.S. source income.” We can provide detailed analysis of international benefits structures and scenarios to ensure that our clients are able to select the international benefits structure that best meets their needs and goals.