Gregory R. Dietrich

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Mr. Dietrich is a partner in the firm’s Public Finance Department and a member of the multifamily housing and general public finance groups. The majority of his practice is focused on the long-term financing of public energy projects, multifamily housing projects and capital projects for state and local governments. Over the past dozen years Mr. Dietrich has served as bond counsel, issuer counsel, supplier counsel, disclosure counsel and participant counsel in taxable and tax-exempt natural gas prepayment and electric transactions for issuers in Nebraska, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, California, New Mexico and Tennessee, among others. In such capacity he is regularly involved in structuring and negotiating the related interest rate and commodity swaps, liquidity facilities and investment agreements.

Mr. Dietrich also acts as credit enhancer counsel in multifamily housing transactions on a regular basis, and maintains an active general public finance practice in which he acts as bond counsel and underwriter’s counsel in both tax-exempt and taxable debt offerings.

  • $467,555,000 Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission Funding Notes, 2010 General Fund First Series (Taxable) (Role: Bond Counsel).
  • $323,380,000 State Property And Buildings Commission of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Revenue Bonds, Project No. 99 (Role: Bond Counsel).
  • $33,000,000 City of Chicago, Illinois Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds (Mercy Preservation Project) 2010 Series (Role: Credit Enhancer Counsel).
  • $780,965,000 New Mexico Municipal Energy Acquisition Authority Gas Supply Variable Rate Revenue Bonds Series 2009 (Role: Participant Counsel).
  • $450,870,000 Public Energy Authority of Kentucky, Inc. Gas Supply Variable Rate Revenue Bonds 2007 Senior Series A and $5,225,000 Gas Supply Subordinate Revenue Bonds 2007 Junior Series (Role: Bond Counsel).
  • $1,994,475,000 The Tennessee Energy Acquisition Corporation Gas Project Revenue Bonds Series 2006A and $132,545,000 Series 2006B (Junior Bonds) (Role: Underwriters’ counsel).
  • $1,030,769,000 Public Energy Authority of Kentucky, Inc. Gas Supply Variable Rate Revenue Bonds 2006 Series A (Role: Bond Counsel).