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Kutak Rock formed its Firearms Industry Practice Group in response to an identified need for a large national law firm to understand and invest in the success of the firearms industry.  All of the group’s lawyers understand and appreciate how and why your product is made and how your product works.  We understand the maze of regulation and compliance filings required to take your product to market, and everyone is committed to your success in the industry.  We also understand the nuances related to the non-regulatory aspects of the firearms industry, including financing your business, dealer and distribution, import and export, litigation and intellectual property and patents.

We believe that quality representation involves anticipating the growth opportunities as well as the potential pitfalls of the client’s business and being part of the team committed to the client’s goals.  A lawyer cannot do that in a vacuum.  He or she needs to be invested in the client and the client’s industry.  Quality representation is not a spectator sport; it requires commitment to the client and to the client’s industry.

Each lawyer in the practice group not only understands the legal and regulatory aspects of the firearms industry, but is personally involved in one or more aspects of the industry, as we are active shooters and hunters, reloaders, range officers, certified firearms instructors, CCW permit holders and CCW Instructors as well as former military and law enforcement officers.

To download a copy of our National Firearms Group booklet, please click here.