Sales, Distribution and Dealer Agreements

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Kutak Rock lawyers have advised hundreds of local and national clients in franchise, licensing and distribution matters. These clients turn to our team of franchising and distribution lawyers to represent them during all phases of their growth and operations. Our lawyers then use their broad experience and work together in integrated, national teams to support one another in achieving each client’s objectives.

Some examples of assistance our lawyers have provided to our franchise and distribution clients include: structuring franchise, distribution and licensing programs; advising clients on whether a business arrangement constitutes a franchise, dealership or other agency relationship which results in the application of special laws, both domestically and internationally; counseling clients on registration, renewals, sales compliance, relationship laws and business opportunity laws; protecting brands, including trademark and service mark registration and enforcement; protecting and enforcing other intellectual property, including copyright, patent, trade secrets, domain names and trade dress; enforcing noncompete provisions in franchise and distribution agreements; and identifying and minimizing state and local tax issues.