Patents and Intellectual Property

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As the firearms industry continues to expand, so are the intellectual property disputes involving everything from charging handles to holsters.  Lawyers in the Kutak Rock Firearms Industry Practice Group have extensive experience litigating technologies that are highly relevant to the firearms industry, including patents relating to mechanical devices, manufacturing processes, and computer hardware, software and electronics.

  • We represent clients in complex patent litigation and appeals as well as disputes that involve trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
  • We have created and prosecuted patents for firearms, bullet designs, reloading dies and equipment, holsters and various firearms accessories.
  • We advise clients of all sizes in the selection, clearance, registration, maintenance and protection of trademarks and service marks.  We have trademark lawyers who are avid sportsmen and know the world of firearms marketing.
  • We also assist clients in policing existing marks to identify potential claims of infringement and provide advice regarding available enforcement options.

As intellectual property becomes increasingly important for firearms-related companies to utilize to distinguish themselves from their competitors, our firearms intellectual property experience allows us to fiercely protect our clients’ assets.