Energy Efficiency

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From consumer products to car engines to residential and commercial buildings, innovative engineers have made tremendous strides in reducing the amount of energy consumed by our manufactured goods, vehicles and buildings. This emphasis on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy for buildings and products in the private and governmental sectors is expected to increase in the future as the United States Department of Energy (DOE) works with industry, developers, home manufacturers, power utilities and others.

We work with our clients to identify and pursue financing opportunities, incentives and loan guarantees for the development and demonstration of energy efficiency technologies provided by the DOE and many states. These technologies are available to businesses, industry, universities, consumers, inventors, states and Native American tribes for a wide variety of technologies and purposes, including advanced energy-efficient building technologies, solid state lighting, wind turbine drivetrain testing, training programs, solar power and vehicles.

As experienced and trusted advisors, we have:

  • Counseled clients on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliance, energy efficiency, photovoltaic projects, and alternative energy options in real estate transactions.
  • Assisted federal agencies and private developers to manage and respond to energy efficiency issues facing large national defense buildings and other facilities.
  • Creatively structured financing opportunities, government incentives and loan guarantees provided by the Department of Energy and states for numerous clients.
  • Worked with the DOE on the national Green Energy Parks Program.